Kindergarten Furniture Choice! Wood Material Or Plastic Material?

With the increasing importance of preschool education for preschools, as an essential equipment for kindergartens, the purchase of kindergarten furniture.

With the increasing importance of preschool education for preschools, as an essential equipment for kindergartens, the purchase of kindergarten furniture has also received more and more attention. Kindergarten furniture mainly includes tables and chairs, children nap beds, children’s bookshelves, shoe cabinets, schoolbags, lockers, toy cabinets, towel racks, cup holders, etc. The existence of kindergarten furniture not only provides great convenience for children’s study and life, but also helps to cultivate children’s good habits.

Kindergarten Furniture Choice! Wood Material Or Plastic Material?

For children, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products are the most important. Kindergarten furniture can be divided into plastic furniture and wooden furniture according to the materials used. So, is the kindergarten choosing wooden materials or plastic materials for the purchase of kindergarten furniture for children?

In the purchase of products, it seems that the choice of materials, in fact, is to consider which of these two materials is more safe and applicable.

First of all, whether kindergarten furniture is safe or not has much to do with plastic or wood. The same plastic material, non-toxic and tasteless food-grade imported plastics also have inferior plastic materials with serious pollution; the same is wood, environmentally friendly natural solid wood also has poor quality synthetic board. Therefore, wood is not always good, and plastics are not necessarily bad. So how do you identify the pros and cons of furniture?

In general, good quality kindergarten furniture has a finer appearance in the union. For example, the corners will be treated with a circular arc, and the bottom will have a moisture-proof anti-slip mat, which is suitable for the child’s body scale and height, and the color and pattern will be exceptionally beautiful. Don’t underestimate the rounded design of children desks, cabinets and storage boxes. It is very useful for ensuring the safety of children’s activities, effectively preventing children from causing harm during play and play. The appropriate size of the furniture allows children to freely pick up the toys and items they need, making it easy and comfortable for children to use.
These small details seem inconspicuous, but they can really reflect the manufacturer’s intentions in the process of producing products and their professional process. Do not let go of any small details of the production, the quality of its products is more secure.

In addition to looking at the eyes, we can also touch the furniture surface with our hands. Whether it is wood or plastic, the quality of the touch will be more comfortable. Many children’s furniture will be decorated with shiny aluminum edges, but the metal edges are mostly sharp, the children’s skin is delicate, it is likely to cause scratches in the process of use, so now the furniture is more used to change the edge. Some of the metals that serve as a support for the frame are angled inwards to minimize the possibility of children touching. The screws will cover the sharp perimeter with special hardware fasteners to ensure the safety of the child during use.

See if the structure is strong and strong. The collapse of furniture has hurt the children, and there are some furniture produced by brand furniture factories. Therefore, kindergartens must give priority to the solidity of furniture when selecting furniture. We can try to push, if it is easy to dump, then you should be careful to avoid accidents. At the same time, it is necessary to speculate whether the design of the wardrobe and drawer door is reasonable, and effectively prevent children from being pinched during use.

Kindergarten Furniture Choice! Wood Material Or Plastic Material?

In addition to the above methods, the selection of kindergarten furniture is best to choose the quality of the professional production of kindergarten furniture manufacturers, on the one hand, factory direct sales can maximize the benefits to customers, the price is lower. On the other hand, manufacturers specializing in the production of kindergarten furniture will be more professional than ordinary kindergarten furniture manufacturers, and the details can be more suitable for children’s needs, and the children are more safe and safe to use.

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